Black Forest Restaurant

Welcome to our Restaurant. We are so glad to have your interest for the leading German Restaurant in Brisbane the Black Forest. We hope you will come and enjoy thoroughly your visit here.Of course I hope you enjoy German Food and my cooking – but, even more, I hope you have a fun memorable dining experience.. and look forward to visit us again many times. Octoberfest is on again! Starting 26th of September – Book Now!
All our dishes are traditional German food, sourced from all over Germany. Most of our dishes originate from Southern Germany, the most picturesque area.All our meals are freshly prepared from scratch in our kitchen, using only the finest and freshest ingredients (I carefully select everything myself). Our meats are the best quality money can buy and fat trimmed for lean and healthy portions. Just like in Germany, all our servings are generous and include mouth- watering entrees, main dishes, and deserts. Please see our menu.

To give you a variety of choice we future different lunchtime specials every week. Our Lunch-menu is extensive, interesting, healthy and generally of a lighter nature, and our evening menu is also available all day. From time to time we also include special dishes on our dinner menu.

The evening menu is changing from time to time, and will be adjusted to the season of the year.

The Black Forest caters for up to 80 people in comfort and we cater also for your special function, Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Company lunches, Christmas parties, ect ect.On weekends we provide live music, but cannot guarantee the regular appearance of musicians.

We recognize that you, our valued guests, are the life-blood of our business. If you have enjoyed your visit, please tell your family and friends and even bring them back with you next time.

Getting Promotional Products Created

Getting Promotional Products Created

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There are a wide range of different promotional products that you can go with if you’re interested in having this project done. One of the most common types of promotional products on the market are pens and pencils with a company’s name and logo on them. The great thing about pens, in particular, is that they remind your clients about your company every time they need to write something down. If they give the pen to someone else to use, that person will see your business name on the plastic and might want to know more about what you’re offering as a company. Promotional products

Plastic Pens promotional products

There are a plethora of different businesses that offer high quality promotional products to their clients. The key is to find an agency that provides this service at a reasonable price so that you’re not breaking the bank just to have it done. You will also need to find a firm that offers a range of promotional products so that you can pick and choose which ones will fit your needs. For instance, a pen might not fit the theme of your company well at all, but you can have baseball caps made up that have your logo and name on them.

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